New Video!

We proudly present the first release from our forthcoming album “the motherload”. And it comes in the shape of a video! Less talky more watchy! (The song will soon be released separately on a soundcloud near you.)

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Motherpearl + Corroded


Corroded are currently heading out on a tour in Germany, taking a break from the recording of their 4th album. The hit “Age of rage” is the band’s biggest commercial success yet, and the expectations on the upcoming album is growing by the minute.

Motherpearl is proud to be the bands final support act this evening and promise to bring the thunder to show what the Gothenburg music scene is all about!

Tickets are available via Biljettforum.se (100:-), or at the door (120:-)

See ya there!

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Jimi M Andersson!

Please check out our good friend Jimi M Andersson’s new “Back To Life” EP!
Jimi is a tremendously talented singer, guitarplayer and songwriter who you don’t wanna miss.
The record also features some of Gothenburgs best talented musicians plus guestsolos from Jonathan Thorpenberg
(of bands such as Behind The Lights and Ruined Souls) and yours truly! Birger Wikström!
(Oh Yes! The guitarplayer of Motherpearl in case you you happen to be living in a haystack behind a shed somewhere… which of course makes me wonder how you can afford to pay for internet… or even own a computer…hmmm)

Anyhow! Birger is sharing his fingers to song number two “Someday” and plays a solo plus some random notes here and there. Please go and have a listen and tell him what you think right here in the comment section. You can find the record on Jimi’s website or on Spotify and other media outlets of course!


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BIG Thanks!

A humongously huge THANK YOU for the great support at Brewhouse! Needles to say we had a blast and can’t wait to do it again with you all.

We actually recorded the full gig with four cleverly mounted GoPro cameras and are now left with a plethora of excellent footage that we will use every now and then. It’s really good/strange/creepy to have a personal cameraman that dances around stage with you and records everything you do. (…even conversations offstage. Oops!)

This is what it might look like:

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Teaser from the mixing session!

Here is a little update from the studio! No more text. Just watch the video.


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Motherpearl tjuvstartar med livespelning på Göteborgs Kulturkalas 16/8 20:30
– i 20 minuter.

Funk/hårdrocksbandet Motherpearl lämnar mixning och mastring av nya skivan
”Motherpearl” under 20 minuter för att bjuda Göteborg på en svettig, sexig och
aggressivt dansant rockshow. Den kommande skivan gästas bland annat av
Mattias IA Eklundh från Freak Kitchen samt Paulo Medonca och kommer släppas
under hösten. Men redan nu kan alltså svenska musikfans få sig ett 20 minuters
smakprov av den efterlängtade releasen.

Stora delar av Sveriges musikelit står bakom oss och vår kommande skiva. Nu har
vi 20 minuter på oss att bjuda alla på ett smakprov live och visa alla andra band var
skåpet ska stå
– Martin Brishäll, leadsångare.

Spelningen äger rum på Brewhouse i Göteborg den 16/8 klockan 20:30 och är en
pysventil för bandet som snart kokar över av iver att få spela live. Arbetet med
kommande albumet ”Motherpearl” är snart klart och med hjälp av Joakim Styrén på
Panorama Studios, (Ace of base, Alien, m.fl), Daniel Muhr på Mastringshuset samt
Mattias Bylund (Brandy, One Direction, Robin Stjernberg) kommer Motherpearl låta
lika bra på skivan som de gör live.

Om Motherpearl:
Sveriges bästa funk/hårdrocksband och kanske bästa liveshow. Efter att ha gjort
Göteborgs rockklubbar osäkra under ett antal år togs nyligen sångaren Martin
Brisshäll in och nu är siktet inställt på allt från Sverigeturné till världsherravälde.
Utöver Martin Brisshäll består Motherpearl av Daniel Sjöstrand (sång/elbas), Birger
Wikström (sång/elgitarr) och Gustaf Hedström (sång/trummor).

Martin Brishäll
0704 99 05 17

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Fit for fight

We’re off to a great start this year! The vocals are basically done, all the people involved in the rest of the process are ready to step in, and above all: the band is fully committed to the new album, and in an effort to make this band a leaner, meaner funk machine…(er?), we’ve started our own internal biggest loser contest. Whoever wins, gets to pick out a new stage outfit, entirely made from spandex, and also gets a new gadget to use on stage. We’ll post our efforts on Facebook during the length of the competition, without any sugar-coating and hopefully you’ll join in and help keeping our spirits up!

A teaser video from the new album is also under way, so hang on to your socks!



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Lose some, rock some..

Awright ya knuckleheads, It’s gigging time all over again!

Being pent up in the studio usually gets our lust for the stage to rise, so here we are! Leaner, meaner and hungry fore more!

Come find us at Valand on the 17th of August, alongside bands like Escape the day and Last kingdom! Tickets are 70:- in advance, or 100:- at Valand.
Send an email to info@motherpearl.se for tickets in advance, no later than 2 days before the gig. Check out our Facebook-site for more or visit Club Jam’s official page

See ya there!

MP Crew

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Official statement of the week

Well friends, we are proud to announce thet the new Motherpearl album will consist of 8 songs, including remastered versions of Voodoo Queen, Supervisionary man and Silverspoon, which we recorded last year at Top Floor Studios. The album will be released on Spotify and iTunes among other web-based music services. We know that some of you are growing impatient and we’re really doing our best to make sure that this will be something worth waiting for. We’re also working on a few surprises on the album, and all we can say is that there might be some special collaborations on this record.

Mixing the album has been hard work, but this week has really been a sonic goldmine and the focus on the band’s sound has never been as strong as now. (As we said, we really want to give you everything we got, and also show other bands out there what is possible to achieve when you decide to record on your own..)

Have a great weekend!

/MP crew

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In the mix of things

Well, we’ve finally entered the studio for the mix of the upcoming album. Needless to say, it’s hard work all hours of the day with the vocals not done and some solo guitar left to track. Thankfully we can work on different things at the same time, so while Martin is mixin’ it up, Birger and Daniel are working on the solos over at MP Headquarters.

A big “‘hankya” to Daniel Muhr at Mastringshuset for letting us work in his studio during the mix. He will also be responsible for mastering the entire record later on!

Check out his website at www.mastringshuset.se


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Drums? Who needs ‘em!

As the work with the vo als are progressing, we decided to get rid of the drums and set up a better “control room”. And since the room is pretty crowded as it is, we just got rid of the drums. Hopfully someone takes them in to their rehearsing space, because the fire department won’t be to happy if they see all the wood and plastic covering the hallways outside..


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Huffin’ and puffin’!

The recording continues! While handling the recording from the other side of all the bars and electrical fences, keeping the untamed singer under control, I got the urge to see the beast in vocal action, and even though I got so scared that all my facial hair ran off and hid somewhere, I must say that I’m impressed at how well he articulates with the pop filter in his mouth! Bravo indeed!


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Growing the beast

Finally the time has come for some high pitched squeals! Martin (Singer/recordproducer/handyman) built this soundproof booth for recording vocals and just sung his way thru the first song of the session. It’s really more of a cage since we have to keep him in place when he starts singing like the vocal monster he is!

It’s great to finally see the record comming together. We’re planning lot’s of fun surprises when it comes to this album. (Fun surprises? Is he talking about Clowns, lumberjacks and old ladies dropping their fake teeths while parachuting?) …you will have to wait and see. We’ll tell you when it’s confirmed.
Funk on!
/Motherpearl Crew


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Keep an eye out!

So as the last snow disappears around Gothenburg, the band is getting more and more attention. First of all, the obvious new gig at Henriksberg in a couple of weeks. We would really appreciate if you and all your friends came and joined us in what essentially will be the start of a spring filled with gigs and events. The record is also anticipated and with a little luck, we’ll be able to set up a release party in the heart of the city before the summer is upon us. We have some plans for that as well, but that’s our secret for now..

Make sure you swing by the gig at Henriksberg, and we’ll be seeing you soon!

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New gig added!

We’re booked for a delightful evening at Henriksbergsterassen and you should really be there, not only for us, but for the delightful company and the dirt cheap beer! We’ll be spending about an hour on stage doing our best to make you groove like crazy!

See you there!

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