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- The story of Motherpearl -

Formed in 2006 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Motherpearl has grown over the years. What started as somewhat of a jazzier constellation, now sheds its skin as a fully formed rock quartet with its roots somewhere along the likes of Extreme, Mr. Big, and Swedish prog-metal band Freak Kitchen. The result is as catchy and energetic as it is vibrant and fun.

As singer Martin Brisshäll joined the band in 2010 the urge to start recording was so great that the band recorded an EP in November that year, aided by friend and producer Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor Studios, Gothenburg.

Two years later and with a good response from fans and media, the band started the process of recording what was to be their debut album "The Motherload". Mainly recording the entire album themselves, apart from including the songs from the 2010 EP, the album grew over a period of about two years before Joakim Styren (Panorama Music), started the mixing process.

The debut album entitled "The Motherload" hit the audiences as well as online streaming services in May 2014 and has been a promising start, as the band vowed to have the next album ready within a year of the previous album release. 

What the future brings is still a bit of a mystery. But if it has anything to do with Motherpearl, you can be sure that it will be accompanied by a steady and energetic groove

- Trivia -

  • Birger and Martin did their first jam together in a cramped room in the French alps back in 2008. Martin wasn't really convinced when Birger said that he also played guitar, but surrendered as Birger started playing.


  • When Martin came in for audition, the band did some takes on "Voodoo Queen" as well as the Extreme version of "Play that funky music". After the audition, Martin went home and the rest of the band was so excited about the audition that they wanted to call him up right away. But they forced themselves to wait an hour before calling Martin to let him know that the spot as a lead singer was his if he wanted it. He accepted without hesitation.


  • Gustaf is the only one in the band who still uses the barbecue in November. He really likes his barbecue...



 -The Bruce Dickinson Incident -


Daniel once met Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson at a seminar were he (Dickinson) was supposed to talk about his book. Afterwards, Daniel seized the moment and walked up to him and said "I just want to tell you, that you're my favorite author".

Bruce (seated at a table with some other people) immediately looked up and said: "Oh thank you! I'm glad you liked it!"

Daniel smiled and said: "Nah, i'm just kidding, I'm a huge Maiden fan and I just wanted to say hi."

As Daniel walked away, he could hear Bruce shouting: "But you HAVE read my book, haven't you?"

Daniel (Shouting back over his shoulder): "No, but I've heard of them!


True story!