For a loud rock band, it has been surprisingly quiet the last couple of months. And we've had our reasons of course. The new album is slowly taking shape and it isn't until now that we feel that it's all coming together. 

We've been doing some pre-production recordings at Motherpearl HQ, making sure that we don't get caught in the same trap as last time. The recordings sound awesome, but the band really feel the need to record in a proper studio this time. 

We're proud to announce that we will be recording the new album at Swedish Sound Studios, (former In Flames hangout), although the date for the session is yet to be released.

The new website is also a new feature, as well as the new "Review"-section, where some of the reviews from "The Motherload" will be on display for everyone to read.

We're also working on a lyrics video for the song "New Home", and the video will be released just before christmas. The video is shot on location in the deep south of USA, with a genuine roadtrip feel to it.

We're pretty excited about starting the new year with some more recordings and intense songwriting, but for now, we're gonna focus on getting most of the basic tracks done before christmas, and after that we'll be adding vocals and twist and turn everything until it sounds the way we want it.

Merry christmas everyone and if we don't update the blog: Happy new year!

- Martin